Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Slavic & East European Literatures Division of the MLA has sponsored or co-sponsored several sessions at the upcoming MLA Convention in Seattle (January 5-8, 2012). We will be posting exact times and locations of these sessions once they are approved and scheduled. For more information, please contact Jessie Labov (labov.1 at osu dot edu).

You can follow the links below to find descriptions of each session, as well as some abstracts and bios of the participants.

Session I (Panel): Graphic Narratives Re-telling History: Germany
(co-sponsored by the European Literary Relations Division)

Session II (Panel): Graphic Narratives Re-telling History: Serbia & Bosnia

Session III (Panel): Žižek's East: Geopolitical Fractures in Žižek's Universalism

Session IV (Roundtable): Language, Literature, and ... ? New Models for Foreign Language Departments

Session V (Panel): Food Culture in Russia and the Soviet Union

(co-sponsored by AATSEEL)